This site was built by Alexander Nied as a fullstack project example. The front end uses Angular; the back end uses Express (a web framework for NodeJS), with PostgreSQL as the database and Redis as the session store. It is hosted on Heroku.

This site is intended for demonstration purposes only. Do not use it for your actual, day-to-day list-keeping purposes. I offer no guarantee that your data will be retained-- in fact, it may be necessary for me to wipe the db on occasion. I offer no privacy-- for development purposes, I may have to look at your data. In fact, I probably will look at your data. I even retain the right to take one of your todo items out of the database and feed it to my cat 😼. Basically, use this site at your own peril-- it works, but it affords you no rights as a user.

That said, take a look around. Kick the tires and take it for a spin. You can register with your email, then login to start creating lists and todo items. Since this was a demo/POC it is more of an MVP than full-featured product. Also, I used it as an opportunity to try some visual bells and whistles and some newer CSS features. Browser compatibility was not a foremost concern; don't expect it to work in IE8.

Questions? Want to learn more about the site creator? You can visit for more information and ways to get in contact with me.